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Preparing for Crystal sync and patch release: 2019-03-14

The next patch release for Crystal is scheduled for Thursday (2019-03-14). As with the previous patch releases, there is a tracking issue: ros2/ros2#656.

For contributors to Crystal: More packages are starting to switch Crystal development to crystal branches as the mainline branches prepare to target the upcoming Dashing release. If you’re contributing to packages that have branched for Crystal, please target your pull request against the default branch and mention that you would like a Crystal backport once the pull request completes review and acceptance. Since this announcement is coming a bit later in the release cycle, all but the nastiest bugs will likely

Releases for core packages mostly occurred over the weekend and binary packages are ready in the ros2-testing repository. Tomorrow (2019-03-12) I’ll start holding new Crystal releases in preparation for the sync and barring regressions that sync will happen on Thursday.

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