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Preparing for Crystal sync and patch release: 2019-08-20

There’s nothing in the sync queue yet. But we’re going to be making a small patch release in order to fix issues related to the new libopensplice69 package that was introduced with the last Dashing patch release.

We’ll hold rosdistro PRs after this Friday so if you have Crystal releases you’re ready to make please release them before then.

The patch release is still happening. I had to make some configuration changes to some of our CI systems to generate Crystal-compatible builds. I think realistically the release is more likely to complete tomorrow morning since uploading releases to GitHub after they build takes quite some time.

23:16 edit: The release is tagged and pushed to the crystal-release branch and release-crystal-20190820. The binaries are built and uploading but I won’t be able to stay up to push all the buttons once they finish. So the release will be tagged today but the announcement and sync will wait until tomorrow.

The sync is out.