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Preparing for final Kinetic Sync

Hi Kinetic Maintainers,

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the end of a full 5 year release cycle. But we are fast approaching the EOL of Kinetic. To that end we have only one planned sync left. If you want to make any releases please make them in the next two weeks before Tuesday Apr 20, 2021 at which time I will give until Monday Apr 26, 2021 for fixes and testing of that final sync.

Please make sure to test anything that is released in this cycle heavily in the testing repository as there won’t be a chance to fix any bugs if it gets released.

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As a reminder the sync freeze will start tomorrow. If you have anything that urgently needs a release do it now. Otherwise please plan to target new distributions. If you’re on the fence about making a new release I recommend not doing so. We currently have 107 packages which will sync but 36 of those are regressions. If they’re not resolved they will not be in the final snapshot.

I have root caused most of those regressions to this issue:

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@tfoote I think this will gone wonderful project. This will have a worth in future and market. Please make sure you test anything which in cycle heavily. :slightly_smiling_face:

In light of us not having determined the root cause of the above regression that appears to be something related to systems changing and not the code changing. I am going offline next week I will plan to delay the sync until sometime the week of the 3rd in the hopes that we can resolve the regression that I expect will hit a significant number of users.

@doronhi FYI

We have fixes for the realsense regression

Thank you @doronhi

And a regression in compatibility was identified in genpy

The final release of that has been rolled back:

Thank you @sloretz

I will review the state of the distro once the rebuild with those fixes finishes.

Thanks to the work of @doronhi we now look to have resolved all the regressions. It has passed on amd64 and we’re now waiting for arm64 and armhf to finish the rebuilds. Assuming that finishes rebuilding over the weekend I will plan to sync on Monday May 10, 2021

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The rebuilds have been successful. There’s one small regression on arm64 only where a necessary dependency g++-multilib is not packaged upstream breaking visp this regression has existed for a while but was only exposed after the recent rebuilds cleared the older version. However since the dependency is not packaged upstream there’s not obvious way to resolve it so I plan to proceed with the sync in the morning tomorrow.

visp regression should be fixed: visp: 3.4.0-8 in 'kinetic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by fspindle · Pull Request #29487 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub

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The sync is out: