Preparing for final Melodic sync 2023-06-20

Melodic Maintainers,

Currently Melodic has no regressions and 109 packages ready to sync. As per the posted plan in Preparing for Melodic Morenia End-of-Life, I’ll plan to hold all releases starting today, and do the sync next Tuesday.

This is the very last sync for Melodic; after this, no more package updates to Melodic will be merged, and the Melodic jobs on the buildfarm will be disabled and removed. If there is any reason to hold off on this sync, please reply here.

I see 20 PRs unmerged for melodic, are they going to be included in the final sync, or are they never going to be merged? I’m sure some of them were made in order to be included in the final sync.

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Yes! I hoped 2 days in advance are enough to get them included…

I forgot to take a look. I’ll go ahead and merge the ones that make sense.

The final sync is out.