Preparing for Jazzy sync and patch release 2024-06-28

We’re planning for a Jazzy sync and patch release on 2024-06-27T16:00:00Z. There are currently 190 packages to sync and no new regressions .

If you find a regression when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync and patch release.

Starting today 2024-06-25T16:00:00Z, we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs for Jazzy unless they fix reported regressions. On 2024-06-27T16:00:00Z we’ll announce the release.

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Any update on this ?


Sorry the buildfarm it’s been a bit bumpy lately, will try to get this out as soon as I get some CI results.

Thanks for the update.
I have a general question:
We are releasing 4 packages for Intel RealSense.

you can see their status here: ROS packages for Jazzy - 2024-07-01 08:56:03 -0800

realsense2_camera depends on librealsense2, and usually we released librealsense2 alone, then in the next sync we released the other packages.
But this time, we are trying to release all of them together.

Can you please explain more about how this process should work when there are dependencies between packages ?
As I see from the link above, realsense2_camera does build… so how it finds all related dependencies it needs ?


Hi Samer,

Packages are built by the buildfarm in dependency order. For example in: Jbin_uN64__realsense2_camera__ubuntu_noble_amd64__binary [Jenkins]

You can see all the dependencies for your realsense2_camera package in the “Upstream Project” section. These jobs will run first and generate their respective packages, then realses2_camera will run and install those packages before it starts building the package.

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After a bumpy ride with CI, the sync is out!

Apologies for the delay. :bowing_man:

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