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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2017-10-26

Kinetic maintainers we have close to 100 packages ready to sync. However there are a few regressions detected.

I’ve identified 2 root cause packages that are causing a handfull of regressions:

@Pyo If you could take a look at these I’d like to reevaluate early next week for a sync mid week.

There are a few other packages that are in flight or needed a poke due to hung or lagging builds. I expect them to be caught up by early next week as well.

If there are any other issues we should be tracking for an upcoming Kinetic sync, please reply here.

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Thanks, @tfoote
I’m sorry to make an issue. If the sync job is not urgent right now, please give me time until next Monday. :slight_smile:

It’s not urgent, just periodic. Early next week will be fine.

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@Pyo I saw a new release come out but it still has some missing dependencies. I went ahead with the sync. If a new version is released soon we can do a catchup sync to restore the packages.

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@tfoote, Thank you for your efforts.
As the number of ROS packages we are developing grows, it is true that I have not been able to check them properly. In the future, our team will take this part more seriously. We plan to use @130s recommended CI functionality for all packages and manage each package more closely. I expect some packages with issues to be back in the next sync.
Thanks. :slight_smile: