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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2020-05-13

Kinetic Maintainers,

We have just over 40 new packages ready for Kinetic and we’re due for a sync.

I’ve identified one regression for mavros_extras @vooon If you could take a look this week that would be great.

Besides a fix for that I will plan to hold new kinetic releases until the end of this week and sync on 2020-05-15T07:00:00Z

If there’s anything else to be considered please reply to this thread.

The sync is out:

@tfoote it seems as though one of the mirrors may be out of sync after this update (we started experiencing some build-server inconsistencies over the weekend).

For example, repeated runs of


will fail when the mirror is used (but succeed otherwise).

Not sure whether that sync specifically is the cause, but this was also reported on ROS Answers: Different versions of python3-catkin-pkg-modules are distributed on

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Thanks for noticing this. We have 3 mirrors and one appears to be out of date causing these issues. We’re tracking it here.