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Preparing for Lunar Sync 2017-08-07

We’re close to having another set of packages available for lunar.
The only failing stack right now is navigation on Ubuntu Zesty and Debian Stretch. @DLu @mikeferguson

Given that there are almost 200 packages to sync and no major regression (only discrepancy between platforms), I’m planning to sync soon. I’ll wait a few days for a new release of navigation to come through if possible.

Thanks to all maintainers releasing these packages in Lunar!

I’d like to push in a new release of ros_controllers as there were a few
minor features that got added to indigo but not kinetic and lunar. There’s
a test missing I have to add and it’s ready for release.

Navigation has been released (:+1: @mikeferguson ) and we have green jobs on all platforms.

@bmagyar What is the expected time-frame for adding the test and releasing ros_controllers ?

The latest releases into Lunar are failing some tests on downstream packages: Please hold the sync until those have been resolved.

Will do, thanks for the heads up

I’m releasing ros_controllers in a few hours.

There’s also been a regression identified in kinetic that effects the newly released lunar navigation packages too:

@bmagyar It looks like some tests are failing in the new version of ros_controllers (job here).
Is it something that should be addressed before the sync ?

Don’t worry about it, I think we have to rethink how our tests are
organized as running them is becoming somewhat unstable.

The feature for which I added the test has been around for long on indigo
and never had issues with the tests there.

Sounds good :+1:

There are 2 issues holding this sync right now:

  • navigation -lpthreads issue
  • tinyxml2 broken on Yakkety, Zesty and Debian Stretch (tracked here)

The tinyxml2 issue has been fixed by hosting a patched tinyxml2 on

We’re still waiting on some ros_comm regressions to be fixed and the revert of the SDL libraries in navigation before syncing

navigation fix has been released and ros_comm issues have been resolved.
Waiting for the rebuild to complete and will sync afterwards (likely tomorrow)

The ros_comm patch release is out:

I recommend to wait for a while to let the recent changes soak in the testing repo before the sync in order to allow more testing to happen to identify potential regressions.

Sounds good, Current state of packages has been in testing for five days.
Is there any outstanding issue that I should be aware of ?
Otherwise I’m planning on syncing soon.

Not that I am aware of…

Waiting on the buildfarm to rebuild and will sync after that (likely tomorrow afternoon). Please hold merging lunar releases until then.


And …Done! New Packages for Lunar 2017-08-22
Thanks everyone for your efforts!

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