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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2017-06-05

We’ve run syncs recently on Indigo and Lunar. However there appears to be a few regressions on Kinetic at the moment. We’re over a month since the last release so we are overdue for a sync.

Reviewing I see 3 regressions on amd64/x86: manipulator_h robotis_framework and thormang3_ppc @Pyo I believe these are all packages you maintain. They look to be a root cause of a missing dependency in robotis_controller on cmake_modules:

There’s also a regression in rospilot on Debian Jessie : related to npm.

Hopefully the above regression can be resolved otherwise we’ll plan to release by the end of the week and we’ll get out the 200+ updates.

If there’s anything else we should know for this release please reply here.

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I just made a release of rviz into Kinetic, but only because it has been pretty well tested in Lunar for over a month now. I’ve been promising to get some outstanding changes into Kinetic, so I went ahead and merged it in. Hopefully it shouldn’t delay the sync too much.

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Thank you for the comments. I will try to fix it today. :slight_smile:

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@Pyo Thanks for the rereleases. They’re in the build pipeline now.

Chris the regression on Jessie for rospilot has propogated to Ubuntu too. It looks like an npm install error. If you have a chance to patch it tomorrow we’ll get it in otherwise it can get back in the next sync.

They sync is out: New Packages for Kinetic 2017-06-10

@Pyo One of the three packages was resolved but we had a regression on two of them still.

We did a last minute resync for the new version of rospilot. The rospilot regression was fixed for Ubuntu, however remains for Debian Jessie for what appears to be npm complaining about node.js being too old. Chris, do you think that this is addressable or should we just blacklist those platforms as well?

Looks like we’ll just have to blacklist Debian. They’ve removed npm from Stretch (, and don’t seem to be updating it in Jessie.