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Preparing for Noetic Sync 2021-09-23

Hello Noetic maintainers!

Starting now, I will be holding new Noetic ros/rosdistro release PRs with a plan to sync ROS Noetic packages to the main apt repo on 2021-09-23. Please comment here if there are any issues I should know about before performing the sync.

There are currently 57 packages waiting to sync and 0 regressions.

The sync from testing to main will happen on Monday September 26th. It was decided to delay it because some of the updated packages are very low level, and were just recently built by the buildfarm. Delaying will give more time to catch any regressions in the testing repo.

The sync is out :tada: . Now is a great time to make releases for the next sync :cake:

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Hi @sloretz, unfortunately I missed this sync with a critical fix for rviz addressing Incorrect visualization of pointcloud published on a moving frame · Issue #1666 · ros-visualization/rviz · GitHub. The latest release essentially reverts some breaking commits:
rviz: 1.14.10-1 in 'noetic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by rhaschke · Pull Request #30870 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub.
Do you already have an idea when you plan the next sync? People already ask.

Regressions permitting, I plan on freezing ROS Noetic on Monday the 11th for a sync on the 13th.

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