Preparing for Rolling sync 2023-08-10: deferred

Rolling is regression free on Ubuntu although there are currently several outstanding on RHEL. I’m hoping to triage and resolve those before Thursday but we will plan to sync either way.

If there are other issues with Rolling or specific releases which resolve reported problems or regressions, please post them in this thread.

Are there any news with the release?

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Hello everyone,

I’m very sorry that this sync was not updated. I had something unexpected come up so suddenly that I did not make arrangements to have the sync covered by one of the other ROS bosses. This sync is blocked by a regression of desktop on RHEL and has been since the sync hold was started.

Rather than sync without desktop on RHEL I think it will be best to defer the sync, release the hold, and allow the backlog of packages to build while we address the blocking issue on RHEL.

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