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Preparing Kinetic Sync 2019-07-08

Kinetic Maintainers,

We have 58 packages ready to sync with one regression.

I have also recently merged a half dozen recent new releases over the last weekend. I plan to hold new releases until later this week when the rebuild has been verified and hopefully the one regressions has been resolved. I’m targeting the next sync for 2019-07-11T07:00:00Z

If there’s anything else that should be considered please reply here.

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Sadly I’ve got a packaging regression in version 2.1.0 of my rosmon packages (see Would you consider either merging or reverting the packages to the prior version 2.0.1 before the sync?

@xqms Thanks for the info. I’ve merged your fix and it has successfully rebuilt into the testing repository. You should be able to test that it’s working there before we sync.

@tfoote Thanks! I tested the packages from there, everything is okay now.

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The sync is out:

Thanks @xqms and @rhaschke for the fixes.