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Presentation on Realtime Motion Planning in MoveIt 2

Hi all,

I was invited to present an update to the ROS-I community on MoveIt 2’s new features and current roadmap. @Katherine_Scott encouraged me to post my slides on Discourse, so here we are:

The presented roadmap still leaves many technical challenges unaddressed, and I’m sure my explanation to some of the more technical details of realtime leave room for improvement, so please comment here if you disagree / have suggested improvements!


Thanks a bunch Dave! I think having both a history and a overview is super helpful for those just getting started with MoveIt.

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Many thanks for sharing! It looks very informative!

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Thanks for sharing! It is great to have some of these presentations making it back to discourse :+1:

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Amazing work @davetcoleman. I’ve been waiting to see the realtime support in ROS2. As this was part of milestone 2, I’m just curious to know if PickNik has received the funding to support this work?