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MoveIt 2 Beta Released!

Big news! MoveIt 2 Beta has just been launched thanks to a big effort from @Henning_Kayser, @JafarAbdi, @nathanbrooks, @mlautman, @davetcoleman (PickNik Robotics), @RoboticsYY (Intel), and @rhaschke (Bielefeld). This is a big step forward in all the high level applications of ROS 1 now being available in ROS 2.

MoveIt 2 will enable many compelling advantages over its predecessor, namely faster, more reactive planning through realtime control of robot arms. The new platform version will enable more reliable robot behaviors, based on industry feedback.

Feature List

Over the last months we’ve been working very hard to migrate a major part of MoveIt to ROS 2. Listed below are all ported packages that are now available (subitems indicate ported libraries in only partially ported packages):

  • moveit_core
  • moveit_ros_planning
  • moveit_planners_ompl
  • moveit_planning_interface
    • moveit_cpp
    • moveit_common_planning_interface_objects
  • moveit_kinematics
    • kdl_kinematics_plugin
    • lma_kinematics_plugin
    • srv_kinematics_plugin
  • moveit_ros_visualization
    • robot_state_rviz_plugin
    • planning_scene_rviz_plugin
    • rviz_plugin_render_tools
  • moveit_plugins
    • moveit_simple_controller_manager
  • occupancy_map_monitor

With the ported packages, the feature list of MoveIt 2 Beta covers almost all core functionalities that MoveIt provides, such as motion planning, collision checking, trajectory execution, IK and visualization in RViz.

Unfortunately, there are still some packages that have not been ported yet due to lack of funding. The high-level interfaces MoveGroup and MoveGroupInterface won’t be ready for the release, just as the dependent MotionPlanningDisplay and MoveItSetupAssistant. You can find a complete list of the migration progress in this spreadsheet. Please contact PickNik if you are interested in funding or otherwise supporting the full migration of MoveIt to ROS 2.

Demo and Beta Testing

We have provided a MoveItCpp demo setup with example code that runs a simulated Panda robot. We welcome you to play around with it and try to break it as much as possible. As a Beta tester, you are invited to reproduce the demo with other robot setups as well, while documenting and filing any issues you find. Ideally, you would provide PRs with corresponding fixes as well ;-).


Great news, congratulations to everyone who made this happen!

I’m pretty sure one of those should read “ROS 2”. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Look forward to trying this beta version.