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Problems with OpenCR 1.0

Hey all,

My final year project requires a robot that is capable of SLAM and autonomous navigation, Turtlebot 3 was perfect for it!

Fast forward, I have assembled the Turtlebot 3 but I am unable to ‘move’ it by pressing the SW1 and SW2 on OpenCR.

Also, now that the assembly is done. Do I need to use Arduino IDE to configure OpenCR first, before proceeding to setting up ROS-Master & Slave?

You have to press the buttons for ~3 secs for them to work.

And yes, I was also confused if the OpenCR has to be flashed manually or not, and the answer is - it comes pre-programmed, so this part is optional :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response.

I will be using some sensors to collect data to the raspberry pi 3.
Is there any way of communication for the data to be sent to the Master computer through ROS or must it be through Python?

@Bbybo93 Thanks for your question. However we ask that you please ask questions on following our support guidelines:

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@Bbybo93 Post a link to your question at also here, so that we can continue the discussion.