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New TurtleBot3 online manual is available now!

Hi all,

ROBOTIS TurtleBot3 eManual has been updated!

In this updated manual, instructions are much easier and less complicated to follow than its predecessor.
One of the new features is supporting various versions of ROS1 and ROS2 by selecting a specific ROS version at the top of the page (Other versions or platforms will be added soon).

There used to be too many text readings involved in the previous manual, but in this version, everything became compact and only necessary information is exposed.
If you want to read more about specific information, just click the subject to expand or shrink.

I hope ROS beginners with TurtleBot3 find this manual useful and helpful to understand better in ROS.
Stay safe and wish the best!


The page looks nice and as being fairly new to ROS I do find these pages helpful. However, the PC Setup under the Quick Start Guide shows using Ubuntu 16.04 and Kinetic although the video shows Ubuntu 20.04 and Noetic. Will there be updates to the page or perhaps an addition for the newer versions of ROS and Ubuntu? An update to a Raspberry Pi 4 might be nice as well.

Still debating whether to buy a TurtleBot 3 or just DIY it.



You can select different ROS releases at the top of the page.
If you select Neatic, the description on the page will switch to Ubuntu 20.04.
Likewise after selecting other ROS releases.
P.S .:
Thanks for extending the manual to the different ROS releases.

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Ah, D’oh! That scrolling thing. Sorry, didn’t see it at the top.
Yeah, looks good.



Hi, Jon.
You’re right. The current Kinetic instruction for installing ROS on SBC is simply burning the restore image into the microSD card, which is pretty straight forward.
Other than the setting up section, launching SLAM and Navigation are the same as Noetic.
We have a plan to create more quick start video as well as other ROS versions.
Detailed Raspberry Pi 4 instructions will be available next year as we’re writing up the draft.
Creating your own robot is another way to enjoy ROS and TurtleBot3 :smiley: