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Proposed meta-ros support policy for OpenEmbedded release series

In order to keep the number of combinations of DISTRO-s, ROS distros, and OpenEmbedded release series for which we must do builds to a reasonable value, we propose adopting this support policy for OpenEmbedded release series:

  1. When a new ROS distro is first released, ros[12]-<ROS-DISTRO>-*.mcf are created for the OpenEmbedded release series that have a Support Level of Stable as shown on Yocto Releases.

  2. When an OpenEmbedded release series moves to the Community Support Level, ros[12]-*-<OE-RELEASE-SERIES>.mcf are dropped, except for those for ROS distro-s which are LTS, eg, Dashing, Melodic.

  3. The OpenEmbedded release series used by the build of webOS OSE currently being used is always supported, even if it no longer has a Support Level of Stable, ie, {webos,ros[12]}-*-<WEBOS-OE-RELEASE-SERIES>.mcf always exist. When webOS OSE moves to a new OpenEmbedded release series, if its previous OpenEmbedded release series does not have a Support Level of Stable, {webos,ros[12]}-*-<WEBOS-OE-RELEASE-SERIES>.mcf are dropped.

  4. When a ROS distro reaches its EOL, {webos,ros[12]}-<ROS-DISTRO>-*.mcf and its meta-ros[12]-<ROS-DISTRO> sublayer are dropped.

Please comment by the end of 2020-01-17 on this meta-ros GitHub issue.