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Published revision 15 of OpenEmbedded Build Instructions (meta-ros Milestone 8 reached)

This revision announces that [thud-draft] is now at Milestone 8:

  • The meta-ros layer has been split into sublayers and the webOS OSE integration subliayer split off into a separate repo meta-ros-webos.
  • mcf and its configuration files are now in a separately-rooted branch [build-draft].
  • DISTRO no longer needs to be set in conf/bblayers.conf; however, ROS_DISTRO still must be (until Milestone 12).
  • The image names have been simplified.
  • It should be easier to use meta-ros without using mcf.

If you have been building from the [thud-draft] branch, please start again from scratch as soon as you can. To allow you to transition, a branch [legacy-v2] has been created from the previous [thud-draft]. Its files will not be changed nor its commits rebased.

The document is here. Its change log is here. A “rich diff” of the changes made since the previous revision is here.

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