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R2B3 Windows - Failed to create process - Installation Test

Just some notes for others on my resolved R2B3 Windows install issues. I followed the installation procedures for Windows Binary Release -

  1. After install, running c:\dev\ros2\local_setup.bat failed and reported that it couldn’t find a file. Turns out it expects python to be in c:\Python36, when it was actually installed in c:\program files\python36. The path is hard coded in the root local_setup.bat, where you must change it to the correct install directory.

  2. Running the local_setup.bat now works, feeling pretty good, until I tried to run the demo_nodes example. Immediately fails with “Failed to create process”. Make sure there is no space in your python path. I spent way too much time figuring that one out…

One quick test: after running local_setup.bat, if you just try to run ros2 with no args, and it reports “Failed to create process”, it’s most likely due to a space in the python path.

I’ve just followed the windows installation and also got the failed to create process error. Turned out that choco installed Python 3.7, and as mentioned above, ros2 is expecting 3.6

I downgraded to 3.6.5, but I now get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\dev\ros2\lib\demo_nodes_py\", line 11, in <module>
    load_entry_point('demo-nodes-py==0.5.1', 'console_scripts', 'listener')()
  File "C:\dev\ros2\Lib\site-packages\demo_nodes_py\topics\", line 37, in main
  File "C:\dev\ros2\Lib\site-packages\rclpy\", line 27, in init
    args if args is not None else sys.argv)
RuntimeError: Failed to init: failed to load shared library of rmw implementation. Exception: Cannot load library: C:\dev\ros2\bin/rmw_fastrtps_cpp.dll, at C:\J\workspace\ci_packaging_windows\ws\src\ros2\rmw_implementation\rmw_implementation\src\functions.cpp:135, at C:\J\workspace\ci_packaging_windows\ws\src\ros2\rcl\rcl\src\rcl\rcl.c:92

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