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ROS2 Windows libeay32

I am trying to get the latest ROS2 (b3) running in Windows 7 (I know ROS only supports Win 10), but the issue I am having doesn’t seem to be related to the OS. When running the example “ros2 run demo_nodes_cpp talker” I get DLL errors (ordinal not found). Looking at dependency walker, I see that _rclpy.pyd has a dependency to libeay32.dll. Which in my case is a x86 lib, while the arerest at x64 libs. This might well be a PATH settings problem, is there a 64bit version of this lib, libeay64.dll ?
Any help is very much appreciated.

libeay32.dll is an encryption library that is compatible with both x86 and x64.
It is provided by several security projects including openssl.
You can install openssl by following these instructions:

Hope this helps