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Razor_imu_9dof node returns no value on rose node

I’ve followed the steps mentioned at in Windows using Arduino IDE and i got absolutely no error during uploding the firmware to the device. I can see the whole sensor values in serial port screen of Arduino IDE. However when i plug the device to my robot and run roslaunch razor_imu_9dof razor-pub.launch, it waits too much at the “[INFO] [1528713651.584447]: Flushing first 200 IMU entries…” phase and then when i do rostopic echo /imu, it keeps returning 0 value. Another problem is that it updates every second and it is equal to 1 Hz. I should get much more update. What do you guys think related to problem?

Did you write a config file with appropriate USB port and change the name to your config file in launch file ?
arg name=“razor_config_file” default="$(find razor_imu_9dof)/config/my_razor.yaml"/

Yes, ros throws an error if you specified the wrong port in the my_razor.yaml. I get no error when launching the node. Just having issue when getting the sensor values (i think).

Thanks for your question. However please ask such questions on following the support guidelines:

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