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Reintegrating ros2/rosdistro into ros/rosdistro

For the initial development of ROS 2 we used the forked repo ros2/rosdistro in order to keep it separate from ros/rosdistro. This enabled us to iterate quickly on standard / format changes without affecting the stability of ROS 1 distributions.

Since that initial phase a lot of the involved pieces have stabilized and also aligned with ROS 1. E.g. both repos use REP 153 now and package manifests are consistently parsed by catkin_pkg (even though that naming is a bit confusing in the context of ROS 2).

Therefore it is time to reintegrate the two repos. Please see #492 for more details. We will start with the transition soon.

For users this change should be transparent (if we didn’t miss anything). And maintainers of ROS 2 packages won’t need to set a custom ROSDISTRO_INDEX_URL anymore which will get rid of the only custom step for blooming ROS 2 packages.

If you notice any issues related to this change please let us know here or on the references ticket.

The re-integration completed yesterday. :confetti_ball: As the reference ticket is now on an archived repository, please report any issues here or open a new issue on ros/rosdistro.