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Release Repositories for ROS2

Reproducing message from @EVenator here for visibility:

Thanks to some community efforts, nmea_msgs now has a ros2 branch that builds in Crystal Clemis. nmea_navsat_driver will be following shortly. As far as I can tell, these are the first ROS-drivers packages to be ported to ROS2.

Now I’m looking into blooming both packages for ROS2. The tutorial recommends creating a new -release repo when porting ROS1 packages to ROS2. How do we want to go about this? Should we create a new Github group for ros2-drivers-gbp, or should we make new -ros2-release repositories under ros-drivers-gbp?

If we want to keep using the existing Github group for releases, I’ll need some help from one of the admins (Sam, Jack, Piyush, @Florian_Scholz, or William) to make release repos for the nmea packages.


Ed Venator

Maintainer, nmea_msgs and nmea_navsat_driver

I would not recommend creating a new organization. That will incur significant extra coordination overhead for coordinating the same group. The release repos can get large quickly so I’d suggest just a parallel release repository. At some point it is useful to rotate to a new release repository of the repository gets too large to save time checking it out.

I agree with @tfoote, which means we need some help from the GitHub group owners.

@joq @wjwwood can either of you help me by making ROS 2 release repos for nmea_msgs and nmea_navsat_driver?


@EVenator I invited you to a team that has access.


@wjwwood - Can you do the same for velodyne? We will have a working release very soon.


I added you and Mike Purvis, since he was in the team for the ROS 1 release repository too (

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