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Advanced Navigation ROS Driver

Hi Guys,

Happy New year to everyone!

I am Ash, and I work with Advanced Navigation, and I can see that there is a AdNav Driver here maintained by this group.

Scott my colleague, who was previously working on this has not been working on it anymore. I have since updated this driver with more features and would like to update it on the web driver and take ownership.

Who would I have to ask or how can I get permissions to update the repository?


Just a quick clarification, you have tried to contact all of the listed maintainers and they haven’t replied? There are some rough procedures for taking over an abandoned repository but we encourage people to work with the current maintainers to transfer ownership if it is possible.

Hi Katherin,

I was told that I had to speak with someone from here. I couldnt get hold of anyone from the Google Groups hence here I am. Do you know what the procedures are? Who would be the right person to talk to?

I am not sure what you mean by, “contacting Google Groups.” Can you clarify? Did you contact the maintainers listed on the repo and the listed contact address Once we’ve established that maintainers missing in action we talk about forking / changing the maintainer.

The process for taking over maintainership isn’t exactly cut and dry. There is REP-152 that is in flight. Generally the first step is to exhaust all avenues for contacting the present maintainers. If the maintainers are missing in action we can talk about forking the repo. Feel free to CC me ( on your communications.

Any updates on this? The current Advanced Navigation ROS driver is compatible with Lunar, are there any plans to support Melodic or later?