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RHEL coming to Bloom action template

Hello package maintainers -

Just as a heads-up, we are adding RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux) generation to the default action list template for Bloom. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Bloom will start generating RPM spec files for RHEL any packages - a compatible OS still needs to be targeted by the distribution.yaml of a ROS distribution. This change just means that Bloom will start looking for RHEL in that target list.

The effect on package maintainers will be a prompt during the next release notifying that the track’s action list differs from the template, and asks whether to reset the action list to the (new) default. In almost all cases, answering “yes” is the best thing to do. Doing so will satisfy the check during the next release and avoid the prompt. However, if you have changed your action list from the default template, you’ll want to say “no” here, as you have already done for past releases. If you’re interested in maintaining parity with the default action list, you’ll have to perform the update manually.

Please reach out with any questions you might have.

Here is the related PR:



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