Holding releases to perform Rolling transition to RHEL 9

As of Tuesday morning, we will be holding all releases in ros/rosdistro for Rolling until after the run of the rosdistro migration tool for RHEL 9.

Migrate to RHEL 9 in ROS 2 Rolling Ridley by cottsay · Pull Request #36509 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub is the pull request tracking the migration-tool work.

If you are preparing a project to release into rolling please wait until we have completed the transition to RHEL 9 as any bloom releases made against the current state of the rosdistro will need to be closed and re-bloomed against the updated set of platforms.

Once the migration is complete it will take some time for the buildfarm to be reconfigured to run the binary packaging jobs on RHEL 9 and there may be errors during the package building process which were not found during CI runs so there may be some time between the migration and the first sync to the main ROS repositories on RHEL 9.


The sync for this migration is out!

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