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ROS 10th Anniversary Tshirt Reprints

As part of celebrating the ROS 10th anniversary this week. We’re offering reprints of some of the most popular ROS tshirts. We are offering both our current LTS releases Indigo and Kinetic as well as the first ROS release tshirt CTurtle.

If you missed out on having one of these shirts when they were first made now is your opportunity. Or if your shirt has started wearing out it’s a great opportunity to get another.

We have fulfillment setup in both the US and the EU.

Ordering will be open until Nov 21st.

Help us show off the ROS community by ordering and wearing your ROS shirts!

Here’s what’s available to order.



Could you combine all designs to one Campaign?

I would love to buy all the shirts, but… the total shipping cost is too expensive…


Unfortunately, I’ve talked to Teespring about supporting this and they said that they don’t support that. They said that the different campaigns may be produced at different facilities which is why the shipping is separate. And when I followed up about combining the campaigns they said that they cannot do that either.

I really appreciate your kind response.

I’ll just order :slight_smile:

For Kinetic thanks for hearing our voice for v-neck option. Could I repeat that request once again?

@130s We’ve decided not to add more options to avoid choice paralysis. We’re already offering 9 options from 2 locations which is already likely more than is optimal.

As a reminder we’re just under 1 week available to order your anniversary edition shirts.

We have fulfillment setup in both the US and the EU.

Ordering will be open until Nov 21st.

One final reminder that today is your last chance to order the 10th anniversary tshirt designs!

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So sad i miss it…

Could you open it for one more day? I just missed it…

I missed it too. Can you offer reprints again?

so sad… I missed… can you offer again?

At this point I believe that everyone should have received their orders.

I’ve received a few complaints about fullfillment issues from people. If you had an issue please email me or send me a private message here on ROS Discourse. I don’t know that I can do anything to help you, but I’d like to be able to understand if Teespring’s delivery accuracy is meeting our expectations.

I’m sorry to everyone who missed the campaign. We’ll be running new campaigns in the future for new releases. Keep an eye out here for announcements.

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Hi @tfoote, I ordered a bunch of t-shirts, but a Small Ladies was sent instead of a Small Unisex (Different shape/size/proportion).
I am in the process of speaking with Teespring support to see if this can be resolved, but it’s not looking too hopeful…