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ROS Bouncy Bolson Tshirts Available!

Get your ROS Bouncy Bolson Tshirt or Hoodie!

Ordering will be open until July 9th. Order now!

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making t-shirts. ROS Bouncy Bolson is coming out soon! To let you show your ROS colors and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring Campaign in both the US and the EU. Note that both these campaigns can ship worldwide.


Since this is the first public announcement, here’s the full graphic for Bouncy Bolson.


Thanks to everyone who’s been helping prepare the Bouncy release. We’re looking forward to the release this month. The shirts are expected to arrive in July.


Slightly off-topic, but do you have any plans to get ROS stickers made? The link for “generic ROS sticker” here doesn’t work anymore. I’d love to get a new t-shirt and a sticker!

We would like to provide stickers for order. Unfortunately with Sticker Mule discontinuing their marketplace services we no longer have a fulfillment service that can provide both high quality at a good price.

If anyone knows of another service we could test out, I’d be happy to investigate.


Would it be possible to provide shirt options for those of us that are tall? Specifically, in tall sizes. Nobody wants to see my tummy.

Unfortunately I don’t think that there are any additional sizing options I can turn on through the interface. We did add a kids style (Bouncy seems apt for them :wink: ) but I don’t find a tall style we can add.

I’ve recently run across in the last year. They have a variety of merch application options and I think the sky is the limit for ideas! ROS Bouncy throw pillows anyone? #robolair :slight_smile:

Anyway, just an idea to add to the “where to make stickers” pile!

Thanks for all you’re doing to make ROS awesome and fun!

Here’s a link…

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Nobody wants to see my bouncy bolson :sweat_smile:

Any chance I can get the source file and get my own made?

I am a Chinese and I can’t find any way to get this me please ,thx

+1. I believe there are much more same needs from China.

There is a typo on the anouncement, stating that the sale ends in June 9th instead of July.

Thanks for the catch. Fixed above.

I believe that both fulfillment options from Teespring will ship globally. Both options list international shipping rates. Rates from the US and Rates from the EU

It’s not useful right now but Teespring recently announced it’s looking to expand to Asia. Hopefully we’ll have more options in the future.

As much as I’d like the shirt, TeeSpring punishes you for being big.
I’m a 2XL by build, muscle and fat.
It does not take $10 more in work or material to make a larger shirt.
$3 or $5 more, I’d be okay with that. $10. Silly.

Hopefully next release you can find a vendor who doesn’t pull these shenanigans.


And what about releasing a DIY version of the stickers? I think many copy shops around can print to the sticker sheets, and cutting the stickers can even be done manually :slight_smile:

I only see a $2 difference for the 2XL shirt in the US:


Hoodies too:

And no upcharge in the EU:

Please ping me directly if you’re seeing different prices and I can iterate with Teespring.

If you’d like to make your own that’s fine too. We have a repository with most of the artwork available here for non-commercial use:

We generally want to make sure to be producing high quality stickers that will be crisply printed, stand up well on surfaces in daily use, and not fade over time. A lot of the vendors we’ve tried so far have not been able to deliver those requirements so we’ve held back from distributing them.

Well, that’s interesting. Seems like it was corrected.


As a brief reminder there’s just under one week to order your Bouncy Tshirts. Ordering will be open until July 9th.

Today is the last day to get your Bouncy Bolson shirt, there’s just 8 hours left to order!