ROS 2 Client Library Working Group [Update]


in March, we restarted the client library working group after users requests: Revival of client library working group?

Since then, the group met every week.
The focus of the group has been on PR reviews to prepare for the ROS 2 Jazzy feature freeze.

I really want to thank everyone who joined and helped us for their contributions, in particular @JM_ROS for his huge work.

Now, I would like to keep the effort going.
I plan to host the meeting every two weeks.
The purpose of meetings can vary: if you have questions, doubts or proposals concerning the ROS 2 client libraries (e.g. rclcpp, rcl, rclpy, etc) feel free to join and discuss it with the group!

The next meeting will be on Friday 3 May 2024 at 8AM Pacific Time.
Meeting Link:
Meeting agenda: ROS 2 Client Libraries Working Group - Google Docs

If there’s interest in a different meeting time, please let me know here.
We can have two different times and switch between them.

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Hello! Are there any plans to continue having the working group meetings? If so, when will the next meeting be held? Thanks!


Last time, just @alsora and me had a chat for some issues, that you can see the meeting note.

Do you have any specific topics? I think we can have the meeting last week of May or 1st week of June.

Yes, sorry, I was about to write something on Discourse, but then I forgot.

My plan would be to keep the meeting link alive, but have a meeting only when there are items on the agenda.
Assuming that the meetings stay at the same time (Friday morning Pacific Time), this would mean that if there are no topics to discuss by Thursday EOD, then the meeting won’t happen.

I have a couple of topics I can discuss, but since I’m in Tokyo, the proposed time does not work well…

We can discuss here if you’d like but basically I have encountered a few issues that I think we can try to tackle:

  • rclpy: performance of the default executor is not so great. I see that work has been started on type annotations, I also have experience there and can lend a hand.
  • rclcpp: I hit a few pitfalls when shutting down an action server, so I’d like to discuss updating the documentation or changing the default behavior.

I think that these are very interesting topics that are worth a meeting.
We could try to schedule a meeting at 4 or 5 PM Pacific Time, which would be 8 or 9 AM Tokyo time.

We could try to schedule a meeting at 4 or 5 PM Pacific Time

I’m good to go.

That would work for me! Sorry to bother anyone :bowing_man:

Works for me.

@alsora is there a mailing list with the announcements ? I seem to have missed the last meeting.

5PM PST would work for me

I have a few topics that I would like to discuss:

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I just created a google group.
I will post new meetings announcements there from now on (as well as on Discourse).
Everyone who is interested should join:

(P.S. i’m new to google groups, let me know if you have any issues).

These are all great topics!
I think we will need more than one meeting to go over everything

For everyone:
The next meeting will be Friday 24th at 5PM Pacific Time.

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@alsora when i click on


shows up… not sure what went wrong.


Ok thanks, I think it takes some time for the google server to “apply the changes” (i.e. that the group is public).
In the meantime I sent an invite to the people I know the email of (i.e. @tomoyafujita @JM_ROS @mjcarroll).

This is the calendar invite for the meeting with the google link

If people are having issues to join, please send me a direct message here on Discourse with your email address and I will manually add you while I figure out this issue

Thank you for the notification. It’ll be Saturday here in Tokyo but I’ll see if I can make it :bowing_man:

Hm, I miscalculated the CET time, this is 2AM here, so I’m out :frowning:

The next meeting will be again at a time that is favourable for Europe.
Unfortunately finding something that works for everyone is hard (probably impossible?)

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