ROS 2 Client Library WG meeting 22 March 2024


This week, after a long pause, we will have a new meeting of the ROS 2 Client library working group.
Meeting on Friday March 22nd 2024 at 8AM Pacific Time:

See here an initial list on the proposed discussion topics: Revival of client library working group? - #15 by JM_ROS

Everyone is welcome to join, either to only listen or to participate in the discussions or present their topics.
Feel free to suggest topics here or by adding them to the agenda ROS 2 Client Libraries Working Group - Google Docs

See you on Friday!

I can’t make it to this one, but I remain interested.


I will be there.

Thanks to @JM_ROS for the push to get this started again. There are many things to discuss and hopefully a good place to on-ramp new folks excited about working on these core issues.

@alsora something is fishy with the Google invite link. 8AM Pacific time should be 16 CET. But my calendar says the meeting is supposed to happen at 9 CET.

Ah, yes, I will not make it if it is at 3am my time :slight_smile:

@mjcarroll @JM_ROS sorry for the mistake.
I updated the meeting time and it should be correct now.


Sorry sounds like it will be in the middle of the night in Japan as well… So I’ll sit this one out.

Thank you to everyone who joined the meeting.
Find here the meeting notes ROS 2 Client Libraries Working Group - Google Docs (feel free to add corrections or anything I may have missed).

We are going to meet again next week, same time.

The Jazzy API code freeze is in two weeks and we should try to get some important PR merged before that.

After that, we should move to a different schedule where we meet every 2 weeks.

@haudren with the new schedule I’ll try to find two different time slots, with one that works for Asia as well.
That way you’ll be able to attend at least once every two meetings.

Thank you so much, both for the notes and accomodating all the timezones :bowing_man:

Hm, I just figured out, Friday and Monday is a holiday.
Should we move the meeting ? I’m fine with meeting on Friday,
but don’t know about the rest.