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ROS 2 Embedded WG meeting #5

Due to many people being on summer holidays, we’re planning to skip the August meeting, and go for 4th Monday in September instead. So, the suggested date is for the next meeting is

Monday, the 23rd September, 2019
Tentative time: 7am UTC (-> 9am MEST, 4pm JST)

We said that next time should be more Asia-Pacific friendly. For Europe it’s fine as well, but unfortunately, this means it’s 12pm in San Francisco. I would be open to have another meeting later in the day, when Europe and the West Coast overlap. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

If you have any agenda item, please post them to this thread!

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We expect to have an update on the work that was done on the rclcpp executor by then (23rd of September). I would like to hear if other people are interested in this topic or not, otherwise we could just discuss the findings internally. I can probably provide more details in the weeks leading up to the meeting and if there is a general interest it could be added as an agenda item.

I am a Master’s student in Friedrichshafen ,Germany doing my thesis on micro-ROS. I am waiting for more data in tutorials for implementing it on embedded board. When can we have some updated info on the micro-ROS website? Also can you suggest some ideas to do a Software in the loop testing for the micro-ROS build? maybe with gazebo or like the pendulum demo in ROS2.


appreciate for taking care of this thread.
actually it is national holiday in Japan, but i will be there.


@Viplav Right now, we have only rcl ported, and we’ve written a custom executor in ‘C’. This is a far more “raw” experience than using rclcpp, but it works. Our kobuki driver is probably the most up-to-date example we currently have.


Hi all,

Finally, the 5th meeting of the Embedded WG will take place next 23rd September 2019 at 7 am UTC.
The hangouts meet link:

Current agenda items:

  1. micro-ROS Slack announcement
  2. micro-ROS Benchmarking presentation
  3. rcl LTE executors

If you have any agenda item, please post them to this thread!

We (@ishugoel and I) will join this meeting as well. We made a proof of concept of a static executor for the normal ROS2 stack in C++ (latest dashing release). This executor could be useful for people using A-class embedded boards that can run the normal ROS2 stack. The results we got so far can be found here The package also provides a docker image that contains the LET executor and some source code to test it. If people are only interested in the LET executor source code that we made, this is available here: .

We are open to answering questions about either of the packages during the meeting. If there are no questions we will just be attendees.

The missing minutes:
full minutes for 5th Embedded WG meeting (109.1 KB)

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