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ROS 2 Embedded WG meetings

The Embedded Working Group meetings are back!

We’ll retake them starting the next 22nd of July, at 5 pm CEST (8 am PDT), every four Wednesdays, with a special focus on micro-ROS and its middleware, Micro XRCE-DDS.

You’re all kindly invited to participate and bring your micro-ROS related issues, doubts and projects to this platform in order to share them with the community.

The proper way to be regularly updated and informed regarding the WG activities is to register to the dedicated Slack chat. To do so, go to the micro-ROS official webpage and get your invitation by subscribing with your email address on the bottom right of the main page.

Please find here the link to the Google meet and here the minutes of the first meeting. You’re all welcome to add items that you deem relevant in the form of comments.

Hope to see many of you on Wednesday!


Find the meeting minutes here: EWG meeting minutes - 20200722.pdf (49.9 KB) and here: EWG Agenda - 20200722.pdf (106.4 KB)

And here the meeting recording.

From now on, we’ll be using this thread to publicize the Embedded WGs, so as not to create a whole new topic each month.
We ‘missed’ the 2nd EWG, which was published in a different thread, so we link it here for completeness and for those who might have missed it: 2nd Embedded WG - 16/09/2020. Stay tuned for the 3rd EWG!

3rd Embedded WG meeting

The third Embedded WG meeting of this new cycle is around the corner! It will be held next Wednesday the 14th of October at 17 pm CEST, usual time usual place.

Find here the complete agenda. Among the topics that will be discussed:

  • Discovery mechanism in micro-ROS
  • micro-ROS as an out-of-the-tree Zephyr module
  • micro-ROS & Zephyr-supported boards
  • snap release of the Micro XRCE-DDS Agent

and more! Do not hesitate to add any item you’d like to be addressed during the meeting.

Hope to see many embedded ROSers there!

Find the meeting recording here. Thank you all for participating!

Hi folks! We’re back on track with our monthly EWG meetings, and to make a pair with yesterday’s announcement of micro-ROS at ROS World 2020, we take the opportunity to announce that the day before, the 11th of November at 5 pm CET, we’ll be hosting our next-in-line EWG appointment, specifically the fourth of this new series!

Among the topics that we’ll discuss:

  • micro-ROS on Arduino
  • Graphs support
  • micro-ROS memory profiling
  • Integration with LUXonis DepthAI embedded platform
  • Integration of micro-ROS with the FIWARE Orion Context Broker

Find the complete agenda here and Google Meet room here.
As always, feel free to add any items you’d like to be addressed or do so on-the-go during the meeting by intervening in the Miscellaneous section!
See you there!

Next Wednesday the 9th of December at 5 pm CET we’re going to hold our next and fifth EWG meeting!

Among the thrilling agenda items that will be addressed:

  • Latest micro-ROS news (new features for the Arduino repo; three brand new ports; migration of services to the rclc; new functionality for the graph manager)
  • Embedded DepthAI BW1092 - Presentation by @Luxonis-Brandon
  • Two new exciting demos are out
  • Survey: micro-ROS challenge - who’s in?
    Find the complete agenda here, and the Google Meet room where the magic happens here.

Hope to see many of you!

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Friendly reminder: 5th EWG meeting happening today (9.12.2020) at 5 pm CET! Stay tuned!