ROS 2 F Name Brainstorming

As we approach the release date of Eloquent Elusor, it’s time to start brainstorming names for the F turtle ROS 2 release!

Existing ROS 2 names and codenames:

  • Ardent Apalone - ardent
  • Bouncy Bolson - bouncy
  • Crystal Clemmys - crystal
  • Dashing Diademata - dashing
  • Eloquent Elusor - eloquent

Existing ROS 1 names and codenames:

  • Boxturtle - boxturtle
  • C Turtle - cturtle
  • Diamondback - diamondback
  • Electric Emys - electric
  • Fuerte - fuerte
  • Groovy Galapagos - groovy
  • Hydro Medusa - hydro
  • Indigo Igloo - indigo
  • Jade Turtle - jade
  • Kinetic Kame - kinetic
  • Lunar Loggerhead - lunar
  • Melodic Morenia - melodic
  • Noetic Ninjemys - noetic

Here are some links to turtle species to get us started.

Please share your suggestions and comments.

There are no rules to this process so be creative.

I’ll start us off with a couple:

Sticking with river turtles, I’m going to go with the Fitzroy River Turtle

  • Fabulous Fitzroy
  • Frenetic Fitzroy

And obviously, since we’re getting an extended LTS, we can all hope for:

  • Flawless Fitzroy

Fearless [Fitzroy|Flowerback|Foxemys]

It could be a play of fearless concurrency in Rust using rclrs.


Futuristic Flowerback

I can only imagine the amazing future hippy art. I want this tee shirt

Faithful Foxemys

Formidable Fitzroy

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I really like Flawless as an adjective. Maybe Flawless Flowerback? It rhymes a bit.

How about:
Fervent Fitzroy

I think that ROS Fervent rolls of the tongue quite well.


More turtles (this is what keeps me up at night):


I would suggest
Fabulous Fabrizio

How about:
Fosstering Foxemys

Fantastic Foxemys
Festive Flatback
Fizzy FalseMap
Flashy Flowerback
Freaky Fonu


How about this:
Frozen Flatback

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I agree with mjcarroll and zmk5. Flawless is a nice adjective for the forthcoming release.

How about Flawless Fusca. cyclemys fusca is a cute little leaf turtle found in myanmar.

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flawless forsten (forstenii aka forstons tortoise)

fiery forsten (This sounds good)

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Fastitocalon: If you want some Tolkein deep cuts:


But think about the abbreviation… Now we use ROS Melodic, Kinetic, etc… Would you like using ROS Flawless? Woudln’t it sound like the “finally correct and last version”? :slight_smile:


After ROS Flawless comes ROS Groundbreaking :wink:


haha. I like that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Fiery sounds good too. ROS Fiery Forsten.

P.S Ros Flawless followed by ROS GRANDE :P.

  • Fanatic Ferret
  • Furious Frog
  • Ferocious Flunder
  • Funny Footwear
  • Fantastic Firefly
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Famous Fitzroy
Feminine Flowerback
Funky Fitzroy