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ROS 2 D Name Brainstorming

ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys will be released soon. That means it’s time to start brainstorming the following ROS 2 release: D Turtle.

Existing ROS 2 names and codenames:

  • Ardent Apalone - ardent
  • Bouncy Bolson - bouncy
  • Crystal Clemmys - crystal

Existing ROS 1 names and codenames:

  • Boxturtle - boxturtle
  • C Turtle - cturtle
  • Diamondback - diamondback
  • Electric Emys - electric
  • Fuerte - fuerte
  • Groovy Galapagos - groovy
  • Hydro Medusa - hydro
  • Indigo Igloo - indigo
  • Jade Turtle - jade
  • Kinetic Kame - kinetic
  • Lunar Loggerhead - lunar
  • Melodic Morenia - melodic
  • Noetic Ninjemys - noetic

Here are some links to turtle species to get us started.

Please share your suggestions and comments.

There are no rules to this process so be creative.

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A few ideas:

  • Dead Dinochelys (it’s extinct. Get it? Okay… maybe not.)
  • Dainty Dogania
  • Dashing Dermochelys
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Daunting Diadem (pic)

Double-Decker Dogania
Dark Dirk

Droll Dhali

Dunny Dunni

Drunk Dorbigni :beer:

Dingo Downunder

Dilly Dally

Dizzy Dubnium

Debonair Donatello.
Divine Desert.


A few suggestions I could think of:
Drizzy Dingo
Dazzled Drone
Drunken Donkey

Dapper Dabster
Dazzling Daphne

+1 for Dashing Dermochelys

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Dealing drako (huge picture i imagine)

My suggestion is:
Daring Dogania

+1 for Dashing Dermochelys or Dashing Dogania.

Another +1 for Dashing Dermochelys :slightly_smiling_face:

Dawdling Diapsid?

And +1 for anything involving Donatello.

Dirk Diggler

  • Mark West

Desert Box

-------> Danny DeVito <-------

Durable Dermochelys
Dynamic Dogania

Also, +1 for dapper or dashing

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+1 for

because I’ll misspell Dermochelys very often :nerd_face: