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ROS 2 Real-time Working Group Online Meeting 18 - May 26, 2020 - Meeting Minutes

Thanks to @tomoyafujita and @philipp for their interesting talks!
Meeting recording is under:

The meeting minutes of Meeting 18 are here:

The next RTWG meeting will be on the June 9 at 7 a.m. PST (16.00 CET), please propose agenda items in the comments or in the meeting minutes document directly


@Dejan_Pangercic @razr
Will there be time to introduce the following topics at the next WG? @hsgwa of ISP (Tier4’s subcontractor) will explain the topic if possible.

Hi @takuya.azumi thanks for nominating the topic. I just had to cancel the meeting on June 9.

@razr will put your topic on the agenda for the meeting on June 23.

Thx, D.

@Dejan_Pangercic No problem. Our topic is not urgent. We will attend the meeting on June 23.

@takuya.azumi, I have put your talk on agenda for the next RTWG meeting, the 23d of June. Thanks for for proposing it. It is very interesting what you did.

Thank you for putting our topic to the next RTWG agenda.

Here is the slide of the topic.
Basic_investigation_of_priority_of_DDS_generated_threads_2020_06_23.pdf (275.5 KB)

I’ll talk a summary of the following posts.

And we’ve implemented experimental threaded callback.
This post is related to today’s topic.

I won’t describe this topic today, but any comments on this topic are also welcome.

@razr Thank you for your help.

Hi @hsgwa @takuya.azumi: Would it make sense to introduce the other Discourse post (Threaded Callback with priority, affinity and overrun handler) in one of our upcoming ROS2-RT calls as well? cc @Dejan_Pangercic @razr

Thank you for suggesting our post.
This post is relevant in real-time as well.
If I can have time at the WG, I’ll explain a summary of the post and intention to implement a Threaded Callback.
cc: @Dejan_Pangercic @razr @takuya.azumi

@philipp Thanks for your suggestion.
@razr @Dejan_Pangercic If possible, could you add this to the agenda for the next WG meeting on July 7?
@y-okumura-isp (another member of ISP) will make a presentation on the topic.

@takuya.azumi @philipp I put above topic on the agenda for the next RTWG meeting on July 07: .

Thx for your suggestions.

Thank you for announce.
Here is the presentation slides

20200707_RT_WG-ISP.pdf (265.2 KB) .

Thank you.

@Dejan_Pangercic Thank you for your help.