ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 2022-10-13

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2022-10-13.pdf (105.8 KB)

(Note: My apologies that these meeting minutes are bit late, I got a bit caught up with IROS and ROSCon)

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2022-10-13

  • Attendees

    • Open Robotics - Chris Lalancette, Kat Scott, Geoff Biggs, Tully Foote, William Woodall
    • Canonical - Jeremie Deray (artivis)
    • ROBOTIS - Will Son
    • ApexAI - Michael Orlov
    • Foxglove - Adrian Macneil
    • Bosch - Ralph Lange
    • iRobot - Alberto Soragna
    • eProsima - Katrin Kellner
    • Community Rep - Olivier Michel
    • Robosoft - Brett Aldrich
    • Sony - Tomoya Fujita
    • PickNik - Henning Kayser
    • Toyota Research Institute - Ian McMahon
    • SwRI - Jerry Towler (representing GVSC)
    • ROS-Industrial - Christoph Hellmann Santos
  • Preliminaries

    • [Kat ][1 min] Please remember to fill out your contribution report at the bottom of this document prior to the meeting.
    • Congratulations Adrian Macneil
  • Old business

    • [Kat | 10min] ROS 2 TSC Core ROS Improvement Plan and Survey

      • Not all bugs: only bugs / issues with user feedback
      • Brett – needs categorization by project / perhaps a project board (Chris)
      • ROS in WSL is still a big usability issue
      • Angelo Corsaro – Docker containers are still experimental for ROS 2. – we really need docker containers for Windows.
      • TODO: Kat will flesh out more for November for a full proposal.
    • [Kat | 10min] Amend community representative process.

      • Kat will flesh out further for November. Redo election in November.
        • Process needs to be improved and perhaps untied from ROSCon.
      • Process was modeled on Linux Foundation
      • TODO: Kat will check rep up for reelection.
      • TODO: Kat will propose updated language and process for November. .
    • [Geoffrey Biggs| 20 min] FYI: Changes to DDS Discovery

    • [Chris | 20min] Hardware Acceleration REP-2008 – Discussion / ASync Vote

      • Proposal move vote to November due to everyone being busy with ROSCon and having insufficient time to follow up.
      • NOTE: Victor has been super responsive to feedback and the REP has changed dramatically. Everyone needs to re-read it.
      • Note that this would be a vote to move it to draft REP status.
  • New business

  • Recurring business

    • Next ROS 2 distro release
      • Iron
        • Working on DDS-related Roadmap items
          • Work towards allow users to control scale of discovery, and direct initial peers
          • Work towards creating a set of questions that users can go through to get a DDS tuning for their configuration
          • Work towards tuning better out-of-the-box behavior, and/or detecting problems at runtime and suggesting solutions to the user
        • Continued progress on service introspection: Service Introspection · Issue #1285 · ros2/ros2 · GitHub
        • Continued progress on Evolving Message Types: [REP-2011] Evolving Message Types by wjwwood · Pull Request #358 · ros-infrastructure/rep · GitHub
        • Fallback content filtering from Sony
          • Requires new packages
          • Possibly backport to Humble
          • Can filter internally in ROS 2 core if the RMW backend support it, it will be more efficient. If RMW does not support, it still does use this fallback filtering to provide the same behavior.
    • Working groups [<=5 mins each]
      • [Bence] Control
        • Declarative parameter helper added to some controllers, pending for rest
        • First release of kinematics_interface to Rolling and Humble
        • Hardware component errors are handled by Controller manager now
        • ControllerManager reports controllers’ state on diagnostics topic
        • Fixed high CPU use when using JTC in Gazebo
        • Admittance controller merged, working on aftermath :wink:
      • [Angelo Cosaro] Edge AI
        • TODO: Kat remove Edge AI working group.
      • [Martin Losa] Embedded
      • [Kayser] Manipulation
      • [Woodall] Middleware
        • No new meetings since last tsc.
      • [Macenski] Navigation
        • No new update
      • [Johnson] Real-time
        • No new update
      • [Andrei] Real-Time
        • No new update
      • [Biggs] Client libraries
      • [Biggs] Safety
        • No updates this month.
      • [Deray] Security
        • October meeting canceled - guest presenter had to cancel last minute.
  • [Macneil] Web

    • Dormant
  • [Orlov] Rosbag2 and Tooling

  • List of recently merged meaningful PRs in rosbag2:

Thankyou for the update!:handshake:

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“As a non-US citizen, why should the global community contribute, or in any way support @devcom_gvsc ROS-M? There was no discussion in this talk at all about that, & your logo has a Pentagon… basically one of the symbols of US .mil supremacy”

There is an elephant in the room guys… we all gonna act like it isn’t there?

“Due to the permissive nature of the licenses we use for ROS, Gazebo, and our other projects, it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to limit the use of the technology we develop to build weaponized systems. However, we do not condone such efforts, and we will have no part in directly assisting those who do with our technical expertise or labor.”

We as a community need to have a serious talk… some of you are double dipping, and acting like you aren’t.

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