ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-09-21

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-09-21

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2023-09-21.pdf (135.9 KB)

  • Attendees

    • TSC Members
      • eProsima / Jaime Martin Losa
      • / Chris Lalancette
      • / Katherine Scott
      • Canonical / Mirko Ferrati
      • Microsoft / Lou Amadio
      • WInd River / Andrei Kholodnyi
      • Bosch / Christian Henkel
      • Robotis / Will Son
      • Amazon / Aaron Blasdel
      • Devcom / Jerry Towler
      • Apex.AI / Lyle Johnson, Michael Orlov
      • Sony / Tomoya Fujita
      • Community / Francisco Martin Rico
      • iRobot / Alberto Soragna
      • Toyota Research Institute / Ian McMahon
      • Picknik / Henning Kayser
      • OSRF / Geoff Biggs
      • Foxglove / Adrian Macneil
      • Zettascale / Angelo Corsaro
    • TSC Observers
      • Steve Macenski
      • Emerson Knapp
      • Tully Foote
    • Excused
      • Community / Oliver Michel
    • Absent
      • Intel / Harold Lang
      • ROS Industrial / Matt Robinson
      • Community / Patrick Musau
  • Preliminaries

    • [Kat | 5min] TSC @ ROSCon – need to figure out how to cover meeting expenses. Kat can’t financially support the meeting.
      • TL;DR TSC Members will need to cover their food and drink. We will have a venue, some sort of bar and grill near ROSCon.
  • Old business

    • [Chris | 2 min] – Chris Lalancette has to leave early and has requested we discuss the Jazzy release at the top of the meeting.
      • State of ROS Talk At ROSCon w/ ROS 2 Jazzy
        • Please include your jazzy plans if they are public so they can be included.
        • Please include plans in a PR on
    • [Kat | 10min] Discuss meeting minutes from August
  • New business

    • [Kat | 5min] Community Rep Election
    • [Steve | 5 min] Rcl Action Result Timeout
    • [Chris | 30 min] Discuss REP-2016 for draft status.
      • Jaime: why aren’t we using existing capabilities in things like DDS / Xtypes? It is also opaque to RMW. See comments in PR. (Emerson – these are not precluded, this rep does create a means to move type descriptions).
      • Ian: Could the hash be useful in an RMW-agnostic security implementation? Emerson: This was not considered in the design process.
      • Angelo: Not all DDS vendors have the same Xtypes impl
      • Jerry: The versioning of baked in types is not really quite up to REP-2011
      • Jerry: Have we considered a formal grammar for antler? – (Emerson, it is not ruled out).
      • Jerry: Optional to transmit type info plus hash? Emerson: yes?
      • Tomoya: What happens to the hash when constants change?
      • TODO: Emerson is going to address comments and bring REP back for a vote for acceptance.
  • Recurring business

    • Next ROS 2 distro release
      • RMW Alternate spec will be released next week as a PDF next week
      • RMW Alternate will be released next week.
    • Working groups [<=5 mins each]
      • [Bence] Control
      • [Martin Losa] Embedded
      • [Kayser] Manipulation
        • MoveIt Releases
          • 2.8.0 for Iron/Rolling
            • Includes large Servo refactoring, API-breaking cleanup for planning request adapter interface
          • 2.5.5 patch release for Humble, mostly bug-fixes
        • Few seats left for MoveItCon 2023
      • [Woodall] Middleware
      • [Macenski] Navigation
        • Exposing Action Result Timeout across Nav2 servers due to rcl bug as a medium term work around. Could really use assistance resolving
        • New GPS Waypoint Following Feature! Tutorial for setting up GPS + Nav2 + ROS 2 on the way along with real-life demo videos of GPS Nav2 in production. Thanks to Kiwibot!
        • New Visual-Inertial Odometry tutorial in the works, to be released next week
        • MPPI run-time performance optimizations and we’re still debugging why the binaries of MPPI all the sudden stopped working across all distributions (compiler changes? Build farm environment changes?)
        • Multi-robot support for simple commander API!
        • Major new features to Smac Planner to resolve binning problems and additional optimization features
        • Added new Collision Detector node within Collision Monitor to detect and publish state changes in polygons rather than directly stopping the robot’s motion
        • New launch files for multi-robot using the same robot model for homogeneous fleet testing
  • [Andrei] Real-Time

  • [Biggs] Client libraries

  • [Mirko] Security

    • Small meeting, talked about hardening the entire OS instead of just ros-based apps
  • [Orlov] Rosbag2 and Tooling WG


Just sharing the current status, issue has been created in rcl

PRs (just default timeout changes.)

Further discussion required for more sophisticated approach to reset the result timeout.


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