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ROS and Python for homeschool

I’ve seen a few quick classes here and there for both ROS and Python. I’d love to find out if there is a home class or even a curriculum that a couple of us could go thru for learning both python and ROS? We are willing to also buy parts (though we have lots of raspberry pi’s) to also go along with the class if needed. Can anyone point in a direction or course as I’m sure there will be others also asking due to lots of kids being home-bound this year due to COVID.

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It might be helpful to give a bit about your background and what you’re looking to achieve. The way you teach say an 8th grader is a bit different than how you teach an undergraduate engineering student. My other suggestion is to maybe start with just Python and then work your way into robotics. Learning them both at the same time can be quite a bit to take on. When I’ve taught younger robotics students in the past I usually started teaching just python and then worked into other topic areas.