ROS Discourse Mailing List Mode being disabled

Hi Everyone and especially those using mailing list mode,


Please enable specific category notifications instead of using mailing list mode on ROS Discourse and select the categories you wish to be notified about. Mailing list mode will be disabled in July.

In full

As our site is growing we’re stretching the number of emails that our hosting is willing to send on our behalf to avoid being flagged as spammers. And on our most busy days, not all notifications are able to be sent.

To this end we have been looking at ways to reduce our email footprint and we noticed one area that we overrode when switching to discourse was to enable “Mailing List Mode”. We overrode that and made it default initially because we were transitioning from a mailing list this allowed people to more naturally migrate. However the small fraction of our community that is still using Mailing List Mode from our transition to ROS Discourse some 6 years ago are now incurring a noteably outsided fraction of our outbound email quota.

We have 8 thousand users and between 300 and 400 posts per month recently. As we have grown we now have dozens of categories with a large variety of topics for people with different interests. Indeed we even have categories in may different languages. Discourse has very good controls to select what topics you’re interested in and provides lots of ways to tune your notifications. Please take a moment to review your notifications settings under your account preferences there’s a summary of how they work in the Discourse New User Guide

We will plan to turn off mailing list mode next month on July 1, 2022


The link in the tl;dr took me to a login which does not know who I am.

I found where I am signed up for the General mailing list by logging into>Profile->Preferences->Categories

APPARENTLY THIS IS NOT WHAT IS GOING AWAY, what is going away must be this:

So be sure you have the categories included here:


Hi Everyone,

As we’ve made it to Friday, July 1st I am disabling mailing list mode. Please make sure to update your subscribed categories appropriately.

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