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Email notifications seem to have (almost) stopped working

I’m aware this may be something local, but before I go bothering our IT department here, I thought I’d ask whether other users have noticed this as well.

For some time now (I can’t be sure since when exactly) the email notifications from ROS Discourse seem to not be getting to my inbox any more. It might be that only those threads I’ve responded to myself still produce notifications, but I’m not sure about that either.

IIRC, ROS Discourse had something called "mailing list mode’ (or something like that), and I had that enabled, but I can’t really find that any more now.

The Discourse instance appears to have been updated recently (UI for several features has changed): could it be that some settings have also changed / disappeared / have been reset?

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Same here.

The last email I received was on March 9th.

Counterpoint: I got both the above messages in my Inbox.

Yeah, I checked and in the upgraded version there’s a checkbox “Disable Mailing List Mode” which is on by default. I’ve unchecked that to reenable mailing list mode. Though I think that we’re reaching a scale that it’s less valuable for most users to subscribe to the firehose.

I have switched to watching more specific categories and getting mentions and things emailed to me, but catch up on most of the content via the web interface.

Note that the keyboard navigation shortcuts make reading go much faster. I think I can read faster and more coherently on the website than via the email threading now.

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Thanks for enabling that again.

re: other options: that’s great, and I’m happy things have improved, but it’s not how I work.

Woah, TDIL discourse site supports keyboard shortcuts (nested under the top page hamburger menu):

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Since the 12th of March I’m getting all kinds of discourse emails but I never signed up for those :neutral_face:
Did something change?

@Timple Can you clarify what “all kinds of discourse emails” looks like and what’s unexpected?

It appears that you’re “Watching” one category in your profile. Which means that you’ll get notifications when people post to that category. For which it looks like you should have received 7 emails in that time period from ROS Discourse which were all triggered by user posts.

I don’t remember having any subscribed categories. But yes, I only received messages from [General]. I thought it to be too much of a coincidence with the opening of this thread to start investigating my own actions.
But I probably accidentally clicked a ‘watch’ button :see_no_evil:.

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