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ROS/Gazebo Computer Vision Survey Results

Hello ROS community! We wanted to post the results of our survey on computer vision in ROS and Gazebo for the community to browse.

We created a short report that summarizes the main trends of the study: PDF (v2) (63.3 KB)

Please post any follow-up questions or discussions in our new Perception category. And if you took the survey, thanks for helping be an important part of OSRF’s feedback loop!

Excellent survey! Is it possible to begin centralizing survey results along with the already existing annual metrics?

I think this is a question for @tfoote.

Also, someone pointed out to me that # of respondents was not listed for most questions. I updated the PDF with this information.

I don’t think that we want to gather survey results formally together since out of context they are not super valuable. Survey results are very useful way to gather input from the community. Usually this is done to help inform a specific decision making process. Once that decision has been made the survey results are generally interesting and can inform future decisions, but need to be considered in the context of where they were asked in the future.

The metrics reports are ongoing annual reports that are designed to provide that same sort of information in an ongoing fashion and are much more valuable when aggregated and used to generate trends. Whereas it’s not particularly informative to compare the rosjava survey results to the computer vision survey results.

If it was hard to find survey results it might make sense. But I don’t think it’s too hard to find the survey results: Searching the internet generally I can also find many of the past surveys relatively quickly, despite them having been asked on different mailing list and forums for connected communities.