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ROS-I Developers' Meeting

I wanted to send a note to communicate a change in plans relative to the Developers’ Meeting.

For the Tuesday Meeting on the Nov 13th, I am going to say this meeting is cancelled for the time being.

Our next meeting is December 11, and I would like to offer some topics:

  1. Ethernet/IP Interface
  2. Migration of ROS-I to Melodic
  3. Thoughts on ROS2 and ROS-Industrial

Please feel free to reply to this thread and if anyone is developing or working on something they would like to share and/or discuss, please post up!

Thanks and sorry for the late notice on the November meeting.

Matt Robinson
ROS-I Consortium Americas

For tomorrow’s meeting:

Levi Armstrong will discuss the recent Qt Creator ROS Release

Update on the Melodic Transition

ROS2 and ROS-I

Open Discussion

Preview of the January Topics and guest speaker

Thanks and see you there!


John Wason of Wason Technologies will be sharing some of his recent developments relevant to ROS-Industrial.

Jan 8 - 10AM EST, 7AM Pacific, post up here if you do not currently have the developers’ meeting invite!

Hi Matt! I would love to join the next developer’s meeting! please invite me :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

Joseph Schornak will be sharing an update on recent developments and planned improvements for the Yak repository. Yak is a library and ROS wrapper for Truncated Signed Distance Fields (TSDFs).

Please joint us February 12 at 9am CST, post here if you do not currently have the developers’ meeting invite!

Some of you have written me via PM about invites to the Developers’ Meeting. Soon we will be rolling out a new collaboration/screen share platform where we can post the meeting room and you should just be able to join. This will enable much more flexible participation. Thanks to all those that have inquired, and those that have to this point participated. Hopefully we can keep working out the kinks and get to a point where this is a community wide source of value!

Matt R.

I also wanted to make available the presentation by Joe Schornak @schornakj on his work related to YAK and TSDF for industrial applications. Thanks to those that attended!

TSDF Slides - ROS-I Dev Meeting.pdf (2.5 MB)

Today’s meeting will focus on ROS2 transition strategies and approaches. This will be an open discussion. Looking for feedback.

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The rescheduled ROS-I Developers’ Meeting for June 13 will follow up on the Discourse post for the Package approach managing ROS1 and ROS2 capabilities.

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So we had an error today trying to change the host of the ROS-I Developers’ meeting. I apologize for any confusion and not getting the meeting info out to everyone. I was attempting to host for Levi using my meeting information, however, I clearly did not have the full meeting attendee list.

I think this is a good time to create a new meeting invite, where Levi, myself, and our team can easily move hosting around. We will post this information soon. This will require a registration, but should be persistent and you will not have to send your info to any of us individually.

Thanks for your patience, and again apologies for the miscommunication.

As far as pending items for discussion:

We wanted to do a brief over view of new items over at the ROS-I GitHub organizations: i.e. YAK and Reach.

Also, with a number of us making it over to ROSCon, we usually take the opportunity to set up a face to face to discuss ROS-I Developments and revisit collaboration and strategy. I was hoping to get feedback on interest in this sort of meeting.

Finally some updates on OEM engagement. This will be interesting both in the new names as well as having more robotic arm drivers in ROS2.

Looking forward to settling on a better collaboration vehicle for these meetings. Thanks for your engagement!

Matt Robinson
RIC-Americas Program Manager

We have been reviewing ways to drive additional engagement for the ROS-I Developers’ Meeting. We would like to get back to having more informative presentations/updates from the various ROS-I teams around the world. Below is a proposal to rotate the organizational hosting and thereby drive content/updates from those various regions. Levi Armstrong will be touching on this today. Feel free to voice any concerns or suggestions for improving the ROS-I Developers’ Meeting.

Proposed Approach (Annual Schedule):

  • January: SwRI Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • February: IPA Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • March: ARTC Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • April: SwRI Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • May: IPA Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • June: ARTC Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • July: SwRI Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • August: IPA Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • September: ARTC Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • October: SwRI Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • November: IPA Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update
  • December: ARTC Technical Presentation, Discussions, Status Update


Matt R.
RIC Americas Program Manager

Due to the ROS-I EU Conference in Stuttgart, we will not have the Developers’ Meeting today. We do recommend the #RICEU2019 live stream!

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Hello all! I’m excite to announce a new approach to the ROS-I Developers’ Meeting that should make global participation more efficient. We have set up a registration by region, and the monthly meeting will be hosted by each ROS-I supporting organization on a rotational basis. This allows for more diverse engagement both from the host and the region that is hosting.

Go to this link to sign up for the meetings of interest and we will post up any updates as they come around.

We look forward to improving the accessibility and diversity in these meetings. Thanks for your continued support and engagement.

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas

Everything is up to date and fixed for Developers’ Meetings hosted by Americas. Please use the registration link via

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For those following the ROS-I Developers’ Meeting, we are having to move platforms for the meeting on October 12. The registration link, above, is still the same and I have it below, I will just add the registrants to the alternate virtual meeting room for this one off.

Dev Pres: Optimizing Descartes Light to enable more efficient large work volume motion planning.
Open Forum

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.