ROS-Industrial Developers' Meeting - Americas - Jan 10, 2023

Tomorrow ROS-I Americas hosts the monthly ROS-I Developers’ meeting. Feel free to jump in and discuss your development challenges etc.

I will start off with some overview from the last quarter, from some of the other meetings for awareness purposes, but then it will be open forum.

Registration is required and can be found at ros-industrial org under the developer header or you can head to the ROS-I Zoom registration page: Meeting Registration - Zoom

See you soon!

Matt R.
ROS-I Consortium Americas
Program Manager

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I got some notes from the dev meeting on Jan 10. Video of the meeting and the slides presented are here: ROS-Industrial Developers Meeting (Jan) - 2023 (Americas) — ROS-Industrial

  1. How do we get involved in the Tesseract community development? What is the latest/roadmap?
    @Levi-Armstrong presented the latest on Tesseract at the ROS-I Community Meeting at the end of 2022. You can check out the deck here. There is also a Tesseract Discord which you can follow and post to to engage with the Tesseract dev community: Tesseract Robotics

  2. What is the latest on ROS-I tools, in particular round tool path planning.
    Noether is on a development refactor. There is a discussion with a roadmap here: Tool Path Planner Package Refactor · Discussion #147 · ros-industrial/noether · GitHub - encouraged to check it out.

  3. Matt summed up some of the high level planning and thinking around transition to ROS 2 and supporting the development and refinement of modules to be grabbed and utilized with the intent of working on a factory floor.

Thanks to everyone that came and asked tough questions!


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