ROS integration in Luos

Hey guys, I don’t know if you know Luos, it’s an open-source and real-time orchestrator for distributed architectures. Now it works with ROS1 and ROS2 . Luos has the same philosophy as ROS but works directly on your motors, sensors, or any custom boards.

The added value for ROS users is that it allows them to add and use any custom board (even small 8 bits) without having to develop any specific driver on ROS new board capabilities will just appear on the ROS side!

I’m curious about your feedbacks. You can have a look at this piece of docs: ROS | Luos


How would this work together with MicroROS?

Are you suggesting that your ‘Gate’ would communicate with Agents using XRCE-DDS?

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Hey @samuk,
At the moment Gate is used for ROS and non-ROS programs, so there are no ROS-specific things on the Gate side.
Gate translate embedded services information into JSON Data in both directions.
For now, to make it work with ROS we have a ROS package translating that JSON information into ROS messages in both directions.
The difference between MicroROS and Luos is that Luos is multi-point and multi-master. So you can have as many Luos boards you want on the same network and all of them can control any of them. Also, Luos is not “ROS native” so integration with ROS is not as straightforward.

So the best solution could be to make Luos and MicroROS work together allowing to have direct integration to ROS and multi-master multi-point connections.

We start studying the possibilities with the MicroROS team. The Idea would be to use Luos as a communication layer for MicroROS.