ROS Japan UG #14 International Meetup

Hi Japanese and non-Japanese.
This post is the reprint of the following link.

ROS Japan UG #14 Meetup is first collaboration event with Tokyo ROS Meetup.
Note that this event is basically in English instead of Japanese. Hope not only Japanese but also non-Japanese to participate in.

ROS Japan UG #14はTokyo ROS Meetupとの初の共同イベントです。


  • Title(内容):ROS Japan UG + Tokyo ROS Meetup collaboration event
  • Date(日時):October 7th, 1:45pm doors open, 2:00pm start(10月7日 13:45開場、14:00開始)
  • Fee(料金):Normal: JPY1000, Students: JPY500 (社会人1000円、学生500円)
  • Location(場所):Digital Garage 9F
  • Venue Sponsors(会場提供):Digital Garage + PSYGIG


Duration(時間) Slot(枠) Presenters(発表者) Title(タイトル)
13:45 ~ 14:00 Sign in(受付)
14:00 ~ 14:05 Intro(紹介) @youtalk + @surfertas Moderator
14:05 ~ 14:10 Intro(発表) Gary Lo(PSYGIG CEO) TBA
14:15 ~ 14:25 Presentation(発表) Yumi Tsuda(Investment Manager) TBA
14:30 ~ 14:50 Presentation(発表) @youtalk(ROS Japan Users Group) ROSCon 2017 Report
14:50 ~ 15:00 Break Time(休憩)
15:00 ~ 15:20 Guest Presentation(発表) @9_ties(Idein Inc. CEO) TBA
15:25 ~ 15:45 Guest Presentation(発表) @hardmaru(Google Brain Researcher) Robot Simulation: A look at simulations and machine learning
15:45 ~ 16:15 Networking(交流)
16:20 ~ 16:30 LT @tezsawa Cooking takoyaki by a robot
16:35 ~ 16:45 LT @nnn112358 SLAM 3D: Map visualization in browser
16:50 ~ 17:00 LT @suzuki-3dmedia Logistics solution using a palletizing robot
17:05 ~ 17:15 LT
17:15 ~ 18:00 Networking(交流)

Message to LT Presenters(LT発表者へ)

We are looking for LT presenters, where you will have 10 minutes to present on a ROS subject of your choice. If you are interested in presenting please sign up as a presenter. It will be on a first come first serve basis, and will be reflected in the schedule after a topic review has been conducted by the moderators.


Message to Attendees(一般参加者へ)

If you plan to tweet or post to somewhere with regards to the event, please use #rosjp. Thank you for your participation.

The resigstration fee is scheduled to buy snack and drink.


ROS, ROS Japan Users Groupに関するツイート、投稿などには、ぜひ #rosjp を付けて発信してください。


Yutaka Kondo @youtalk

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