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ROS Live - March 2017 - Package Documentation and Discovery

Look out ROS Users! It’s been a little while since the last ROS Live conference call, but we’re back. We’ll be discussing Package Documentation and Discovery, following some discussion on discourse. Please help shape the agenda by editing the wiki page.

The call will happen on March 20th at a time to be determined by survey

We will be using Mumble again, since it’s open source and makes archiving the audio easy.

Let me know if you have any questions.


In case it isn’t clear to everyone right off the bat (I missed it in the first read through), if you’re interested in attending please fill out the survey for what times work best for you:


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Let’s say today is the last day to fill out the survey. We’ll decide on a time tomorrow.

Ok, time is set.

Date: This coming Monday, March 20th.
Time: 3:00pm Eastern

Once again, OSRF will be hosting a Mumble server for the meeting.
Port: 64738
Password is ROSLive
Linux: sudo apt-get install mumble
OSX and Windows: download the binary from the website

As a reminder, you should probably disable “Text to Speech” in mumble, and change your “Push to Talk” key to something that you won’t accidentally hit. Please use your Github username or real name as your Mumble username.

We will record the meeting and release it publicly after the meeting.

Less than two hours until the meeting! Talk to you soon.

The link currtly points to a sad robot.
Any ETA for the recording?


Here is the recording in podcast form

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@gavanderhoorn I lost the link to the RIA(?) project that you mentioned using ontologies. Can you post it here please?

The project is called Re-App. Main site:, link to a page about the Re-App Workbench which is one of the places where the ontologies get used.

It’s all in German though unfortunately (but it’s a German national project, so I guess that is to be expected).

The Workbench is going to be released at some point in the future, if I understood the project partners that I’ve talked to correctly.