ROS metric blip (wiki pages)

In the ROS metrics document ( located at for 2013 the number of wiki pages (under the section ENGAGEMENT METRICS) is 22000+ . In 2012 it was 14000+ and about same in 2014 also.
What is the explanation of this blip? Did a lot of wiki pages came into existence in 2013 and then got removed in 2014?

Moreover, I’m unsure as to what does “wiki pages” actually represent? Was it the total number of wiki pages in existence? Or wiki pages edited/accessed?

The number of wiki pages is the number of wiki pages on the wiki. Unfortunately moin moin has a behiavior that if you browse to a typoed page it automatically creates a blank wiki page for that which requires us to periodically purge empty pages. It was noted in the announcement.

The ROS community has grown in almost every metric. The one exception is that the number of wiki pages has dropped. This is due to a concerted cleanup effort earlier this year which removed a lot of empty pages with little to no content.

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