[ROS Projects - S1E3p2] Create the Simulation of the Restaurant Robot - Part 2

This video series is for the people that want to learn ROS doing real-life projects, with real robots … based in ROS! This series will be divided into 4 episodes.

In this third episode, you will learn how to create a simulation for your restaurant robot. You will learn:

  • How to generate Star Wars droid-like sounds.
  • How to create an automatic pipeline that tests everything created up until now.
  • Create the final demo with the WebApp created in episode 2.

ROS Project link: https://youtu.be/yVoccT8LOdQ

Where are the other parts to this project? I just started receivnng your emails (why?) and do not have the lay of the land yet.


Joe Landau


The other parts of the project are posted here on ROS Discourse. Here are the links for the other episodes currently out.

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Topic: [ROS Projects - S1E2] ARDUINO Load Sensor for Restaurant ROS Robot - Part 1

Topic: [ROS Projects - S1E3p1] Create the Simulation of the Restaurant Robot - Part 1

Hope that helps.