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ROS1 or 2 for a newbie?

As I am still in my infancy stage learning ROS, with the full expectation of migrating to ROS2, should I just focus on ROS2 training instead? It makes sense to me, but wanted to collect other thoughts on this.


You won’t be able to achieve as much with ROS2 as with ROS1 without a lot of additional expertise. This is not because ROS2 is harder (it isn’t) but because there are fewer libraries and packages available for ROS2 at this stage.


Roger that. Does the ros1-bridge not handle that? Is that more specific to communications?

Thanks again,

It does, so it’s not like all that functionality is inaccessible from ROS2. But you would need to learn a reasonable amount about packages in ROS1 as well to know how to use them properly. Thus exclusively focusing on ROS2 would leave you without significant functionality.

Personally, if I were starting now, I would start with ROS1 and learn about what ROS2 can do without learning how to do it until I encountered something that could be done in ROS2 but not ROS1 (real time control, for example). Then I would learn the ROS2 stuff necessary for that. Viewing ROS1 and ROS2 as an exclusive-or relationship is not a good approach.

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@defied what do you want ROS to do for you?

Vision, geo-location and actuation for now.