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ROS2, Building from source problem (macOS)

Hello, I was trying to install the ROS2 according to the instruction here:
Everything was fine until the section “Get the ROS2 code”

mkdir -p ~/ros2_ws/src
cd ~/ros2_ws
vcs import src < ros2.repos

when I try to execute the last command, I get this error:

$ vcs import src < ros2.repos
stty: stdin isn’t a terminal
Video Contact Sheet *NIX v1.13.2, © 2007-2014 Toni Corvera
Unable to locate DejaVu Sans font. Falling back to helvetica.
File “import” doesn’t exist
File “src” doesn’t exist
stty: stdin isn’t a terminal

Anyone knows why?

Another question is, what’s the difference between building from binariy packages and building from source ?
If I want to build a ROS1<->2 bridge, then I have to build from source right?

(For the website maintainer:
You might want to consider adding “–user” in the following instruction:

python3 -m pip install empy setuptools nose vcstool pep8 pydocstyle pyflakes flake8 mock coverage
in case that any newbies like me who doesn’t have root permission, to have problems installing.)

With respect to the stty: stdin isn't a terminal, I have no idea. Are you pasting that command into a normal terminal (using or or something)?

You have to build from source if you want the ROS 1 <-> ROS 2 bridge on OS X. Our Linux binary has the ROS 1 <-> ROS 2 bridge built for ROS Kinetic on Xenial, but otherwise you have to build the bridge from source.

Thank you for you reply. Yes, I am using a normal

So, these are my experience solving these problems:
Tools like vcstool need to be located in usr/local/bin. So always use “sudo” when installing.
(e.g. sudo python3 -m pip install empy setuptools nose vcstool )
Test every tool in Terminal first, make sure they are installed properly before going for ament build.

@Kloping thanks! without really thinking I installed “vcs” using brew, however that is not vcstool, but video contact… something. So the command of course failed, but uninstalled and installed vcstool using pip and it worked :slight_smile: